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Why should you go wood?

Wooden sunglasses are beginning to take over the world of fashion. With plastic pollution being such an issue for wildlife and public health, whenever you go for an alternative to plastic… that’s you saving the world! This also applies to eyewear. The Plastic Disease On planet Earth, we already have far too much plastic to the point that the estimates put the concentration of plastic in the oceans higher than the one of fish! Fish are now ingesting microplastics which indirectly find their way to our meals when we eat any derivatives of marine life. This should be enough to make us aware that we need as many alternatives to plastic as possible in as many areas of our life as...

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Wooden sunglasses are better

The first question you may ask is "Why?". Why a pair of sunglasses made of wood? Unlike their metal and plastic counterparts, wooden sunglasses do not hurt our environment. Wooden sunglasses are by far better in material quality than common sunglasses which are made from polluting synthetic materials. Also, when it comes to aesthetics, wooden frames are second to none, they are light and comfortable to wear, and woods are pleasant to the touch. At WOODHOY, each of our sunglasses is a unique pair, handcrafted by experienced artisans with obsessive attention to detail. Each pair of our sunnies has its own style and its own wood grain pattern making it exclusive. Each frame comes with an original Italian statement engraved...

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