About Us

Sunglasses have undoubtedly become in the recent years more of a fashion statement for the style conscious than anything else, but they are undeniably a necessity when it comes to protecting eyes from the sun.
Unfortunately, most sunglasses on the market right now are manufactured with materials such as plastic, metal and paint that leave behind large deposits of waste - often toxic - which contribute to a growing global environmental crisis.

The World Counts, an authority in the space of environmental statistics and research, tells us that every year a huge 2.12 billion tons of waste is dumped in landfills and waterways.
The amount of plastic waste in our oceans is mind-boggling: 8 million tons of plastic enter oceans each year. Plastic bottles alone make up 1.5 million tons of plastic waste annually.
Plastics and other litter ultimately end up in the world’s gyres, or circulating ocean currents, and can turn into dense vortexes of trash. Did you know that the most known marine trash heap, The Great Pacific Garbage Patch, is twice the size of Texas?

wooden sunglasses

Numbers like these are alarming, but it's somehow refreshing to know that a new generation of companies like WOODHOY is emerging to tackle some of Earth's most challenging problems.

Our mission is to combine Italian fashion design with a sustainable supply chain and premium end products that don't hurt our planet.

By building a thriving business around a mission to relieve the burden of waste, as well as help the Rainforest Communities through supporting Cool Earth, WOODHOY pushes the boundaries of change with fun, shockingly good looking, high quality yet affordable items that have more than one purpose.

What we are all about: ethically handcrafted wooden sunglasses that look cool and do good.