Celtarabia Unplugged

The Auricula Suite concert, featuring live  Celtarabia unplugged set

Celtarabia Unplugged

The sound of ‘Celtarabia unplugged’ is unique with Quentin Budworth on Hurdy-Gurdy and Amanda Lowe on Hammered Dulcimer they play with passion, rhythm and wit. A wall of sound a blurring of notes an intricate pattern of melody harmony syncopation, consummate showmanship, great banter and a love of the groove make them really exciting performers to watch and hear live. The duo have been playing music together for over 20 years and have toured the world playing for audiences in Japan, Eastern Europe and Europe.

Playing a mixture of self-penned and traditional tunes from around the world and presenting their music in a humorous and irreverent way ‘Celtarabia unplugged’ entertain audiences of all kinds. From street corners to concert halls Amanda Lowe and Quentin Budworth have played for audiences across the globe.

Warning the combination of Hurdy- Gurdy and Hammered Dulcimer is unique, highly evocative, strangely hypnotic, highly compelling and completely unforgettable.

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