Dressed in Blue

A love song and tribute to the beautiful little flower, it’s continuing endurance throughout history, and the unusual but traditional way of displaying it, on an Auricula Theatre. As is the way with flowers they don’t last long. But they come back again. We discover more beautiful varieties every year. The flower of kings will live forever, the flower of the weavers will go on…
She’s my beautiful flower
I’ll be her sun and her rain
What colour will she wear
When she comes back again?
Behind the veil
I can see her glow
What colour will she wear
When it’s time to show?
When April’s flowers
Stand tall and proud in line
You raise the curtain
I see you shine!
“I was dressed in blue
When I married you
I wore your flowers in my hair
And kept your love in my pocket
On a beautiful day
At the end of May
My heart leapt out to you
My wild-fire-rocket
My heart leapt out to you!”
So take it slow
Sing it long and low
What colour will she wear
When it’s time to go?
© 2011 Duffy-Howard
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