Concert and Auricula Show Willerby 2013

It was a lovely evening at The Auricula Suite concert and My Ancestors were French celebration in Willerby, May 4th 2013. A great venue and audience. Robin Graham of Drointon Nurseries brought a beautiful display of auriculas to accompany the concert.
“It was a really great night at The Auricula Suite performance last night. The music was intricately beautiful, the songs informative and real, the performers were fascinating to watch and the whole entertainment and feel of the evening was celebratory. The interweaving of the instrument sounds and the vocals painted exciting pictures…get the CD it is a beautiful recording of the material. Well done and thank you Rich, Lou, Amanda and Quentin”  Gifford Rolfe
Lincoln University Media Team documented the whole event so there will be films and photos for the BBC archive coming soon.
Thanks to everyone who came either to take part, visit the exhibition and auricula theatre, or came to the show in the evening.
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