Loudhailer and Friends Close the Show

It’s been another terrific year for our auriculas and the cold frames have been full of colour and and scent for weeks. As summer approaches they are coming to the end of the season.

The highlight of the year has got to be Drointon Nurseries naming their new cultivar Primula auricula Loudhailer after our band, Loudhailer Electric Company. Big thanks to Robin and Annabel Graham at Drointon, it was a wonderful surprise.

Listen to a track from The Auricula Suite, our tribute to the beautiful flower at the end of the season, Dressed in Blue

Here’s a round up of Rich’s photos of our flowers this year. If you click on a flower in the gallery below you can see the full picture and scroll through…

Auricula photographs © Richard Duffy-Howard

Discover The Auricula Suite

Rich and Lou Duffy-Howard – Visit our Loudhailer Home Page

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