Who will be auricula #106?

Last night Rich asked me to guess how many different Primula auricula cultivars we have in the cold frames in the garden. I guessed about 50, but it turns out the answer is 105. So he made a table of them as they are today. They have some fabulous names as you can see in the chart below. I wonder what the next one in our list will be called?

No. Name Type
1 Arthur Delbridge LCA
2 Annandale Yellow* found
3 Athene Grey Edge
4 Atlantic Blue Self
5 Belle Zana AOC Self
6 Bilbo Baggins GCA
7 Blue Yodeller LCA
8 Brasso Yellow Self
9 Brownie Border
10 Chaffinch AOC Self
11 Chelsea Bridge LCA
12 Chloë Green Edge
13 Clouded Yellow Edged Fancy
14 Coffee Edged Fancy
15 Conservative Grey Edge
16 Cortez Silver Grey Edge
17 Crimple Edged Fancy
18 Crimson Glow Double
19 Crinoline Edged Fancy
20 Curry Blend Border
21 Dales Red Border
22 Dilly Dilly LCA
23 Doctor Lennon’s White Border
24 Eden Goldfinch Border
25 Eden Greenfinch Border
26 Eileen Edged Fancy
27 Fancy Free Grey Edge
28 Fanfare Edged Fancy
29 Favourite Red Self
30 Fiddler’s Green Edged Fancy
31 First Light Border
32 Fleet Street Edged Fancy
33 Fleminghouse Green Edge
34 Forest Lemon Double
35 Fred Booley Double
36 Gay Crusader GCA
37 George Swinford’s Leathercoat Border
28 Goldie Border
39 Green Finger Edged Fancy
40 Grey Monarch Edged Fancy
41 Grey Hawk Grey Edge
42 Gwen Baker Double
43 Harlow Carr Border
44 Harmony LCA
45 Helen Barter Edged Fancy
46 Helen Ruanne Edged Fancy
47 Hetty Woolf White Edge
48 Lavender Lady Border
49 Lazy River GCA
50 Lemon Sherbet Border
51 Leverton Double
52 Lincoln Bullion Double
53 Lincoln Imperial Double
54 MacWatt’s Blue Border
55 Margaret Martin Grey Edge
56 Mazetta Stripe Stripe
57 Minstrel Grey Edge
58 Moon Fairy Fancy
59 Mrs. Hearne LCA
60 Nymph Double
61 Old England Edged Fancy
62 Old Gold Border
63 Old Mustard Border
64 Orb Green Edge
65 Piglet Double
66 Pinkie Dawn Border
67 Powder Puff Border
68 Prague Green Edge
69 Primula auricula Border
70 Prince John GCA
71 Prince Bishops GCA
72 Prosperine Green Edge
73 Psyche Green Edge
74 Rajah Edged Fancy
75 Raleigh Stripe Stripe
76 Red Wire Stripe
77 Reddown Apricot Border
78 Reddown Tickled Pink Border
79 Robbo Border
80 Robin Hood Stripe Stripe
81 Rolts Fancy
82 Rondy Fancy
83 Rotary Club* found
84 Rosalie Edwards Grey Edge
85 Rosebud Border
86 Rosemarket Rackler Border
87 Rowena LCA
88 Scipio Green Edge
89 Scorcher Red Self
90 Silverways Grey Edge
91 Sirius LCA
92 Starling Fancy
93 Sumo GCA
94 Sunflower Yellow Self
95 Susannah Double
96 Sweet Pastures Edged Fancy
97 Taffeta AOC Self
98 Tamino Green Edge
99 Teem Grey Edge
100 Toolyn Blue Self
101 Trafalgar Square Edged Fancy
102 Trouble Double
103 Warpaint Stripe
104 Winifred Border
105 Yorkshire Grey Grey Edge
106 ? ?

Auricula photographs © Rich Duffy-Howard

It all started because we are musicians with a garden full of Primula auricula flowers…

Our album, The Auricula Suite is a set of songs telling a re-imagined story of a historical journey to a new land. Inspired by folk tales of the alpine flower – the Primula auricula – and its 16th century journey to England with the Huguenot refugees, it is a tale of love and loss, persecution and a new beginning.

Discover The Auricula Suite

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