Harmony Starmony

Three more beauties in flower today. Sirius, the brightest star – certainly the biggest star in the theatre today. Harmony is a lovely light centred alpine, and the dusting of farina on the green and lemon of Helen Ruanne make it a strange but beautiful bloom.


The Auricula Suite, the opening song, Kings and Weavers.

Flower of kings and of weavers
Crushed underfoot on the mountainsides of Gaul
Leaves of green for a queen and a thousand different colours
Comfort of the soldier on the wall
Your flower theatre will remind me
Of the gardener and the skillful artisan
Of Reformation time, and the people
On a journey to find a new homeland
The flower of kings will live forever
The flower of weavers will go on
Spell or cure on a starry night
The moon in the middle of the flower shines bright
I can see it too babe
I will come for you
I will find you…
Flower of kings
Flower of weavers
Green leaves for a queen
And colours for all
From high in the mountains
To the Huguenot gardens…

I’m thinking of  you…standing by the wall

Valentina and Raoul, in the Huguenot garden,

Valentina and Raoul, by the wall…

Photos and music © Rich & Lou Duffy-Howard – visit our Loudhailer Website

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