Primula auricula Helen Barter

More sunshine this morning and Primula auricula Helen Barter is flowering in the cold frame. Rich took this gorgeous photo.  I love the purple and green and the way the light shines through the flowers. Next up on the auricula stage is going to be Crimple – nearly in bloom, so watch this space!

Primula auricula Helen Barter
Primula auricula Helen Barter

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10 thoughts on “Primula auricula Helen Barter

  1. Beautiful! What unusual colour! 🙂

    1. Thank you, they look lovely in the sun 🙂

  2. OOO….I’m in heaven…fabulous photo …gorgeous bloom

      1. Looking in Woottens catalogue, need new blood in my collection…

    1. Ah, catalogue browsing, a good occupation 🙂 Drointon Nurseries might provide some inspiration too!

      1. Done and ordered, thank you .

      2. Just posted about Drointon and tried to link to you…just realised it didn’t work …I am so sorry …I must try harder….

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