Our Album is Released!

It is an exciting time because at last our album is released!

We had a fab time recording it with Andy Newlove, inspiring atmosphere in the studio, and superb sounds, the hammer dulcimer and hurdy gurdy are sublime.

The CD sleeve is lovely too with beautiful photography and an exquisite brand new illustration by Abby Wright – a contemporary take on Millais painting ‘A Huguenot’ – on the inner sleeve.

The Auricula Suite Album by My Ancestors were French, released April 2013. You can buy it here. The Auricula Suite on Bandcamp


Album Cover“It was a really great night at The Auricula Suite performance last night. The music was intricately beautiful, the songs informative and real, the performers were fascinating to watch and the whole entertainment and feel of the evening was celebratory. The interweaving of the instrument sounds and the vocals painted exciting pictures…get the CD it is a beautiful recording of the material.” Gifford Rolfe, Gifford Rolfe Music

A suite of songs telling of a journey to a new land, a story of love and loss, persecution and a new beginning; inspired by folk tales of the small alpine Primula auricula and its 16th century journey to England with the Huguenot refugees.

My Ancestors were French – Amanda, Quentin, Louise, Richard

My Ancestors were French features former Red Guitar Louise Duffy-Howard (acoustic and bass guitars and vocals), Richard Duffy-Howard (acoustic guitar) with internationally acclaimed musicians Amanda Lowe (hammer dulcimer and violin) and Quentin Budworth (hurdy gurdy and cajon). The four East Riding of Yorkshire based musicians have a rich musical history, having performed at a range of world fusion and alternative music venues and festivals as far afield as Japan, Scandinavia and Eastern Europe.

Listen to a track from the album – The Same Sky


Or contact us:


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