The Auricula Suite Album

The songs are all recorded and the album is ready to be released to coincide with our spring concerts. We had a fantastic time recording in Andy Newlove’s studio.

Here’s a taster, the opening track, the only instrumental, The Same Sky Overture…

This is more or less what the sleeve notes will say…

The Auricula Suite

1. The Same Sky Overture 3.41
2. Kings and Weavers 5.20
3. Into the Sun 3.17
4. Madness and the Wind 2.35
5. The Same Sky 3.43
6. English Garden 4.00
7. In the Greenwood 3.31
8. Dressed in Blue 2.54
9. My Ancestors were French 5.05

My Ancestors were French are:

Louise Duffy-Howard: Vocals, Guitar, Bass
Richard Duffy-Howard: Guitar
Amanda Lowe: Hammer Dulcimer, Violin
Quentin Budworth: Hurdy Gurdy, Cajon

Guitar on track 9: Corey Clough-Howard

Cover illustration by Abby Wright

© Duffy-Howard 2013

The Auricula Suite – Songs telling folk tales of a journey to a new land; a story of love and loss, persecution and a new beginning – inspired by the small alpine Primula auricula and its 16th century journey to England with the Huguenot refugees.

Words written by Louise Duffy-Howard except The Same Sky by Richard and Louise Duffy-Howard. Music composed by Louise Duffy-Howard except My Ancestors were French by Corey Clough-Howard.

All songs arranged by Rich, Lou, Quentin and Amanda, and recorded by Andy Newlove

Lyrics, stories and more at

Contact: Duffy-Howard Music


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